Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Bounty Manifests In Unexpected Ways

Hello there. VivBounty here to share with you some insight from my Lenten journey. Funnily enough, during this time of inner reflection each year, the idea is to detach from the outer "trappings" of life experience, give up excess and over indulgence in various forms.

The wonderful thing for me each year is that I gain so much more than I ever give up. The insight and clarity from my prayer and meditation time leads to wonderful avenues of growth and discovery. Unexpected "little lights of dawning" as my cousin once called them, have given me life-changing direction with each passing year. Questions and prayers have been answered, unnecessary tasks, lists, and goals have fallen away as I am reminded once again of my innate Divine Guidance. In short, I let go and let God and then witness in awe as doors open, ideas come, kindness is returned a thousand fold and desires materialize.

In the past, seemingly out of nowhere manifestations of funds for great travel adventures, ideas for decor transforming a house into my perfect sanctuary, the willpower to quit smoking (it's been 20 years now), and most importantly this year, my friend Tracy's miraculous healing against all odds, have resulted from this sacred time of connecting with my Source and releasing the need to control, think, plan, or do. It is immensely freeing to give up the struggle.

This year I am using a guide my cousin found online in her search for guidance on her spiritual journey along with chapters of a free inspirational course for success a friend forwards to me daily. Following the direction from each reading and reflecting upon the relevance in my life each new day brings great gifts. Thank you ladies for your contribution to my spiritual practice.

In my Internet business, as with any business, there are costs, marketing challenges, the daily struggle of time management, motivation, and balancing of work and family life.

While in a voIP conversation with a friend who has kindly assisted me over so many marketing hurdles, another of our associates telephoned him with a technical problem. It so happened that my hubby could assist with the problem, resulting in a trade for services. While the three of us were online my first friend discovered some design/software compatibility issues with the trade we had made not too long ago.

This one conversation became a three-way in which all our problems were solved. I have now e-mailed the corrected design to my first buddy, his long-time friend who is now my friend and online business associate has his technical issue solved, and I have marketing assistance and bonuses, which have saved me tons of time and money. Thank you gentlemen for your kind cooperation and assistance. This to me is how the world was intended to function; all of us here together helping each other to succeed.

Prosperous Blessings,