Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why Should You learn to create a Wordpress Blog?

Hi There! VivBounty here with some reasons why you should learn to create a Wordpress blog.

This week in the LGT Training Room, we have been learning to create Wordpress blogs. There are so many things you can do with a Wordpress blog - see list below. My fellow classmates have learned to further define their unique brand names. Find a niche which is at least quite specific, if not unique is also very important. After all you don't want to be out there selling widgets that everyone else is selling or you'll be drowned in the competition.

You will need a domain name and hosting services to be able to create a Wordpress blog. The actual process of uploading the software to your domain takes less than a minute. Our trainer
demonstrated step-by-step how you can then choose themes, and add plugins to further customize your blog to suit your unique brand and specific niche.

A Wordpress blog is very effective as a main index page on your domain. From here you can add links to other blogs, sites and products you wish to market. Once you have quality content based on how you wish to brand yourself and what specific niche you want to promote, you can add pages to your Wordpress blog. The titles of these pages will appear in tabs with live links on your main blog page so remember give them short names. The tabs may be above or below your header depending on the basic theme template of your blog but they will be on the first page and easily found.

In my case, I chose VivBounty as my brand, as in manifesting my own bounty, thankful for my bounty, inspiring you towards creating and appreciating your own bounty. My domain name, Safari To Success was born from my love of and extensive globe trotting. I believe that life is a journey and success, rather than being the destination, comes in the lessons along the way. So at this juncture I am an Inspirational blogger, earning my living as an Internet Marketer. I write about my life-long journey in an effort to inspire others along with me towards manifestation of abundance in all its forms, i.e. joy, inner peace, contentment, health, love, and of course, last but not least, prosperity.

Getting back to my first Wordpress blog. Our class continues into next week so that we can have all parts of our blog "engine" in place and fully functional, before we roll it off the assembly line. Watch this space for the launch!

Some Components of a Wordpress blog and their possibilities:
  • Your appearance, layout, columns, and placement of header and those page title tabs
  • Your theme template - reflects colours you like and pictures to suit your niche
  • Your photo - this can be added with a plugin
  • Protection from SPAM and comment moderation - another plugin
  • Automatic submission to blog ping services which can be added in your settings
  • Search engine optimization plugins which give you great rankings and visibility
  • Add links - this mostly for other sites and blogs
  • Add pages - this you can use for your Primary Program and affiliate programs
  • Tags - These are all part of your SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Categories - This helps readers searching and organizes your content
  • Images can be added to all pages, sidebar, and posts optimizing monetizing...
Stay tuned for more to come. As we come to a close on this training and my blog is ready to roll out, you will see a live example of just the tip of the iceberg of what can be done with a Wordpress blog.

We hare having such fun in the LGT training room where live training memberships begin at just $5.95 per month. Free members get tons of free tools, affiliates earn commissions on following one level of personally sponsored members.

Come aboard! We're expecting you.

Prosperous Blessings,