Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome To The New Niche For VivBounty

Hello my loyal readers and followers. VivBounty here to share with you my new niche, VivBounty Inspires Manifests. This blog was my very first blog and so I blogged about everything here, not really focusing on a particular niche.

My third blogging class with my mentor extraordinaire, who is now my partner online, TrudyVan comes to an end tomorrow. Again I have learned tons of new stuff about the blogger platform and yet again I have managed to get more focus and direction as I pursue my Internet marketing business and strengthen my online presence. Read more here >>>

Thank you once, again, TrudyVan. You continue to inspire and amaze me.

All things related to online business, Internet and affiliate marketing will now be posted in my new blog, VivBounty OnlineBizGuide at the link above.

For a long time now I have contemplated starting a spiritual blog. As you may have read in my complete profile, I am a reiki practitioner and find great truth and comfort in my spirituality. In simple everyday life, there are what a cherished relative once called, "little lights of dawning". Those are the little gems I hope to share here on my VivBounty Inspires Manifests blog, not the sort of hocus pocus stuff often associated with the paranormal and certainly not the spooky stuff, but just the stuff that has inspired me and worked for me along life's journey, I call my "Safari To Success".

At some point as I came to embrace my love of writing and spirituality in the last decade or so it surprised me to learn that, as a result of my spirituality and belief that love transcends death, I wrote and delivered three eulogies for loved ones. That was very nice, but again, I didn't want to become known as the eulogy guru. My reference group (sisters, friends, those I've created greetings for) encouraged me to seek employment with greeting card companies, such as Hallmark, Blue Mountain and the like. I tried to envisage that but found I could not pump out anonymous emotion.

In the midst of all the fog of trying to figure out what to write about and how to best use this love of inspirational writing my personal works for those I love and admire have continued to touch their hearts and endear me to them, their guests, and attendees at momentous occasions.

As this is my first post to begin my new niche, I share with you here the one which holds the dearest place in my heart as it is in honour of the dearest person in my life, and where it all began for me, my one and only, most amazing Mum!

Until next time, hug someone you love and if you can't, tell them you love them.