Friday, February 27, 2009

Can You Get Through the Growing Pains with Your Attitude?

Hi There. VivBounty here reporting on the triumphs and challenges of the past two weeks.

This is where the rubber meets the road. There comes a time in life when you realize it's all up to you. You can stop working and wait for everything to be perfect or for technology to work flawlessly, complaining and fretting while you are waiting or you can continue forward towards your goal with what is working when you sit down at your computer.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, it is easy to be agreeable and understanding when things are going well but what is your attitude when the challenges come? Does it need an adjustment or are you able to go with the flow and know you will overcome? Do you sit there on your hands waiting for the 'boss' or 'techs' to fix things or do you do what you can, while you can to move forward?

I need to once again take my hat off to the wonderful folks at Lead Generating Tools (LGT) for their unending support and dedication to their members and the services upon which we rely to run our businesses. To facilitate our move to a bigger, better, super-fast, brand spanking new server, were provided with e-mail instructions, video tutorials, and in many cases, personal intervention with our individual Internet service providers (ISPs) by head trainer Crystal Spring to make sure our tools and web sites were functioning. I don't think LGT owner, Steve Swetman slept for most of the past couple of weeks!

In the LGT training room no one is left behind. For newbies or members who have had to leave the lesson before it's end, the trainers made provisions to go into another room to catch up. For those more skilled and continuously present members, the lesson continued as the various web site components propagated throughout the world. As this process could take from hours to days, depending on where you live and your ISP, our one-week session was extended into a second week.

We worked as and when we could, learned new skills, and cleared hurdles. I managed to build my sites, create an auto responder, plan my work and work my plan. I'm happy to report that I have finally put together a campaign the likes of which I only imagined experts to be capable of thus far in my Internet career. It all starts with the form on my lead capture page, which, when filled out, takes those interested in a secure, prosperous future through a permission-based series of SPAM-free e-mail messages.

Now that all our sites and tools are functioning fully again, next week we begin be creating a newsletter.

Until next time, this is VivBounty saying when the going gets tough, the tough keep going.

Prosperous Blessings,


askarnett said...

Sometime we have to overcome our challenges and it makes us stronger. We also discover something about ourself that we never knew we had. The ability to adapt to new situations. I have seen your progression into a stromger more confident person. Blame it on LGT but I blame it on you. Keep up the good work.


TrudyVan said...

Hi there VivBounty, TrudyVan here,

I really thank you for your wonderful words about LGT and the trainers. It is great Internet Marketers like yourself that make it all worthwhile. You attitude, your dedication and your friendship.

Kindest regards