Sunday, February 1, 2009

How Do You Find Balance? Create a Daily Planner. Include Fun and Rest

Hello from VivBounty this sunny Sunday morning. We've had snowfall overnight and the panoramic scenery from any window in the house in every direction is like a picture postcard of winter wonderland. I have woken up without an alarm just when my body has had enough rest and the day ahead is just for domesticity, which according to one online dictionary is defined as "homelife and the devotion to it". There is no timetable or schedule today. This is family and leisure day in my tradition and work and study will resume tomorrow.

Things I love to do which feed my soul include writing or sharing experiences which might inspire others, hence posting in my blog fits right into my Sunday tradition of just being with myself and my family. Speaking of sharing, let me tell you about our training in the LGT conference room this past week.

We had a really great week in class learning and sharing ideas about time management. At the end of our session members were given a free e-book on the subject complete with rights to sell or give away as we choose. Now I ask you, are the wonderful trainers and owner of Lead Generating Tools generous or what? Let me just answer that for you. Nowhere online will you find a company that consistently over delivers like this one. That is why it's my base of operation from which I build and promote my home business.

So in a nutshell, yes I'm trying to keep this post short enough so that I don't lose you to time constraints or boredom, whichever comes first, here's what I learned from my trainers and classmates alike.

One must be organized. It's important to have a tidy desktop, in our case that means on our computers, but it could mean a real desk too because we have not become a paperless society yet. We learned digital filing to keep things in an orderly fashion and know where to find files and applications when we need them. This includes folders made to contain various things like a list of links to use in our advertising, software used to create our Adsense sites, ad copy, folders containing websites we're building, other works in progress, and especially free downloads for the myriad of tools and products given to us monthly by LGT depending on your membership level including Free Tools members.

Next we have those lists. Those of us who use lists, and in today's fast-paced world, there aren't many who don't, know that even the lists must be organized. If not they become never ending and just add to your stress instead of reducing it, hence the emergence of the daily planner. Again this can be in paper form or digital. We learned how to create one using HTML, Excel, Word, or Open office, depending on what each had access to on their PC. For the very busiest of people who need to literally make time for each and every small task in their day-to-day routine, it was important include non-business tasks on the list. These could include an hour meditation or quiet time, thirty minutes to walk the dog, time for laundry, cooking a meal, making medical appointments, playing a game of scrabble with an elderly neighbour, and play or study time with a child. We can easily get so absorbed in building our business that we lose our balance and that is when our family and our health begin to break down.

For me it's a matter avoiding being extremely regimented. I like order and have a loose routine, but micro dissecting every moment of my day would increase my stress. This is after all the reason for choosing to work from home as opposed to in an office for a corporation where one is told when to arrive, when to leave, how long to break for a meal, not to have personal calls, etc. Having said all that, running your own business requires a regimen of some sort to be successful. My daily planner now works around my home life and loved ones first, while making sure to complete one project for my home business each day. This is usually a combination of tasks from setting up an auto-responder, creating a form leading to it, up to designing a lead capture page to share the wealth system with others. After training, I'm tired but inspired and full of ideas. My mind and body then say "I'll not do this task well if I don't rest, eat, hug my loving husband, walk my beautiful dog or whatever first". So I stop and do what my spirit tells me before I take on the tasks at hand.

A very useful tip we got was to set your business goal. Decide how big you want your business to be, when you want to get there, then break your big goal down into smaller goals working backwards from years, to months, to weeks, to days, to hours so that you know what you need to accomplish each hour to achieve your goal. There's the old question, "How do you eat an elephant?" the answer is "One bite at a time."

Remember a planner is just that. It's a plan and a guide. Life happens while you're making other plans and you may not get to your list that day, so just move the task to the next day's list and carry on from there. Prioritize the list with things that are most beneficial to your business first like advertising and on down to filing, backing up, etc. and work down the list each day to see how it goes. Tweak it depending on results and workability until the rhythm feels right to you.

Until next time, hoping you find balance as you build your wildest dreams.
Prosperous Blessings,

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