Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why It Is Important To Have Ongoing Marketing Training

Hello There, VivBounty here with a re-affirmation that life is indeed an ongoing learning experience.

As you see from my bio, I have been marketing online for over a decade. In that time I have seen many offers, techniques and scams to get a product in front of a pair of eyes. There just is no getting around the fact that the best way to build an Internet business is from the ground up, the correct way, building a contact list by offering good advice, giving away good resources, forming relationships by helping others along the way and sharing what you learn . Eventually, you will become known for that which you put out. In other words you will build a reputation based on integrity, association with honest, decent people, providing helpful products and information and yes, guiding others who have come to trust and rely on you to say what you mean and mean what you say.

At LGT, I continue to learn new things, hone my skills, and grow, grow, grow. New Internet Marketing styles and programs appear continuously. What works today may not work next month, what worked last Fall may not work this Spring and so on. However, the things that never change are truth, honesty, integrity, and a general good work ethic.

I have made wonderful friends over the years online, some who have helped me along the way, and some who have fallen away to other pursuits as programs come and go, but I remain assured in the fact that the Universe will bring me the right people at the right time in any given situation. For example, a friend sent me a meditation recently which opens the heart, centers, grounds and connects me to my Source, which can be used throughout the day but I use it morning and night as a wonderful way to encapsulate my working day bathed in confidence and secure on my path to success with Divine Guidance.

Another friend gave me a link to a Joint Venture (JV) giving away Free Internet Marketing products which has brought me numerous subscribers to my auto-responders. We all know the money is in the list, right? This is my first JV and it ttook some work on my part like creating a PDF (Portable Document File) to use as a free gift, making sure my messages are not blocked by the SPAM filters on many e-mail clients (ensuring my prospects do indeed receive their free gift), creating a specific splash page for the JV so that all components from the icon seen on the JV main offer page, through the messages and on to the PDF flow together and have value and quality.

Finally back to the learning part, last week in the LGT training room we had open workshop to which we could bring all our unfinished web pages, digital products, web site issues etc. to get help with and sort out. The week before that, we were taught how to find an affiliate program in a niche we like and how to effectively market that program for effectual immediate profit. I have completed another e-book for sale or as a free download, created a membership site with master resale rights, and added several tools to my marketing arsenal.

All this for free with live trainers who never quit until you are up and running! Best of all, I can use this training and new-found understanding to market my F5M-Millionaires Club from my base of operations, Lead Generating Tools, where we have EVERYTHING an affiliate marketer needs!

Until next time, happy marketing and remember whatever your program or business, we can help you with our abundant IM resources.

Prosperous Blessings,

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