Friday, June 5, 2009

The Energy With Which You Surround Yourself

We as a species are energy sponges. We are affected by the energy of the people around us. Have you ever noticed when someone arrives in an office in a bad mood that everyone is affected by this person's demeanor? Conversely, when a happy, bubbly person joins a group of people everyone's spirits are lifted or at least get lighter.

I have just spent sixteen days with my closest family members; my mum, both my sisters and one of their granddaughters, aged twenty seven months. I say sixteen days and not two weeks for the longer I live I realize how precious time with family is. We haven't done this for six years in my home. For my hubby, it's more like 4 decades and it was certainly easier in his 20s. We have become wives, aunts, mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and variations of all those roles through time and across 3 continents since he was a young lodger in our home back

Memories and special moments emerged as we talked, sang, danced, cooked, ate, drank, sewed curtains, got Mum acquainted with her Mother's Day gift from us, a new laptop and bonded as only a loving family can.

Our littlest addition, my great-niece, was full of boundless joy and curiosity. Seeing the world through her eyes and watching her interact with our 85-lb dog, Pedro was profoundly fascinating. They communicated almost telepathically as they stood eye-to-eye, most of the time with her arm around his neck. They shared toys, walks along the river bank and if we hadn't kept an eye on them, would have shared their food, too! When we were excited about our plans for the day or the evening, Pedro and the baby were excited too. When the baby cried, Pedro was sad and concerned. Energy is a powerful force and none more sensitive to it than babies and animals. We could learn a thing or two from watching them.

Much as we may get on her nerves with our boisterous laughter when we are together, compounded with partial hearing loss and magnified by her hearing aid, Mum loves nothing more than to have all her girls together under one roof where she spoils us as only a mother can. Likewise we sisters blossom when we are together. Projects that each of us have not managed to complete for the past year or two were finished with teamwork and the inspiration of being together. This family holiday time whether annually or whenever we can gather, is when I top up my energy supply. It's the wind beneath my wings which keeps me going and allows me to be who I am come what may.

The highlight of our time together was watching a video of our eldest sister singing, at her friends' golden wedding anniversary party. As we watched there wasn't a dry eye in the house over our very own miracle who following a brain injury sixteen years ago was not expected to live through the night. Today she loves to sing and lights up a room just by walking in. Everyone who meets her is immeasurably moved and inspired and I personally feel it is because, as the song from the movie E.T. goes, she "turns on her heart light and let's it shine wherever she goes. Let's it make a happy glow for all the world to see".

I have added a clip here for you to see for yourself. Enjoy!

Prosperous Blessings,

P.S. I wish to thank my hubby with all my heart for the long hours and hard work he put in converting and editing this video to this format making it possible to upload it to YouTube!


Sunburst International Risk Management said...

Sunny Greetings from California, Vivienne!

Just a quick note to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your loving thoughts and good memory here.

I like the appearance of your blog very much. Keep up the good work!

Until next time --

Have a Blessed Week!

JoAnne Green

TrudyVan said...

Hello Miss VivBounty, TrudyVan here. Ah the good times we shared. The great and sad memories. Fantastic post and wonderful video

Congrats to Brian & You, Love to you all.
kindest regards, Your Friend TrudyVan