Monday, September 7, 2009

What Is The Busiest Advertising Season?

Hi There. VivBounty here with the question for you. Are you ready for the busiest advertising season?

In Internet Marketing, traditionally summer is the slowest period for advertising. Labour Day weekend is the last long weekend of the summer in North America. On Tuesday the students go back to school, the new season begins for your favourite television programs, and thus begins the most responsive advertising period for Internet Marketers. Will you be a couch potato or will you get back to advertising your online business?

I have taken the time during the "summer slump" to learn new things and sharpen my marketing skills so that I am prepared for this responsive season. We have kept up with our training in the LGT Training room throughout the summer. Our new jazzed up, interactive, marketing dashboard, with all it's viral traffic enhancers launched this spring and we have been very busy learning how to capitalize on all the wonderful tools at our disposal to explode our traffic building a network of like-minded marketers to support, encourage and promote each other. The new script really is your one-stop source for all your Affiliate Marketing Tools, Services, Money Making Resources, with Live Training Workshops all in one place.

In my last post, I wrote about our training on Word Press blogs. As a follow up to that our next training will be on Article Marketing to tie into blogging, honing our writing skills to make our blogs search engine friendly, enjoyable to read, provide quality information, creating interest in our personal unique brand to drive traffic to our online business and affiliate programs.

Whatever business brought each of us to Lead Generating Tools, for me it is F5M Millionaires Club and it's one-of-a-kind Wealth System, LGT has become an integral part of my marketing arsenal. Here there is ongoing training. As an Internet Marketer, I gather fresh, real time leads to market my programs bolstered by all the resources at my disposal as a member of LGT. I promote the lead capture pages I create using image and html editors to personalize, optimize and brand myself from my very own domain. I give away free marketing tools, services, and e-books like my free Millionaires Report, in exchange for a name and an e-mail address, known as a fresh real-time lead. Waaay better than the duds you often get by purchasing leads.

My autoresponders are easy to set up so I have one for each campaign, with it's own messages, lead capture page, tracking links and free resources so that I can monitor where my most effective advertising response comes from, which pages, images and slogans are working best, ultimately leading to my primary program. The best part about having autoresponders is that I can share with those joining me in F5M Millionaires Club the same free tools and resources from LGT that I use to optimize my advertising, thus giving them an edge in the marketplace.

Traffic is paramount, whether you are selling your own products or an affiliate marketer. You need to make your advertising stand out from the rest. Having fresh leads is crucial to any business. You need a continuous stream of potential customers. If you are marketing affiliate pages which look the same as everyone else's, make sure you have a regular, steady advertising schedule, particularly if you are using free advertising as your competition will be stiff! If you are using paid ad sites, make sure you test, and spend wisely by tracking response to your campaigns. If you are not getting results, go somewhere else. Just keep advertising, and never quit. The only way you can fail is if you quit.

Until next time, don’t sit back and let this momentum pass you by. Get back in the saddle and get in the race.

Prosperous Blessings,

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