Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why You Should Attend Meetings

Hello There, VivBounty here with some reasons why you should attend meetings for your program or business.

Meetings are professional training to provide you with the tools of your trade just the same as a bricks and mortar business.

Meetings announce new additions to your business or program such as an additional way to earn with your program or help with advertising.

Meetings advise of new policies and procedures. In one business introducing six new referrals used to mean automatic placement in a matrix where cash is earned when filled. This changed to being placed in another matrix, one additional step, but one that fills faster than the first one, earns income while it builds, then feeds into the original ultimately earning in both matrices, meaning more profit, but you would never understand that if you didn’t attend the meeting.

Meetings tell you when online payment processors change their policies, affecting your ability to pay, be paid or lose your money altogether. One payment processor this past year lost its bank account thereby disabling it to process credit cards. In previous years others have come and gone, often with any money you have in accounts with them. Program administrators often have inside information of impending disaster that you would get at the meeting and possibly be able to protect yourself.

Meetings inform you of bonuses, incentives and competitions for referrals or sales. In my primary program, F5M Millionaires Club, we have had contests that gave prizes like business cards, silver coin and gold coin. We all know that the value of gold is currently at a record high. This week the bonus for attending the meeting was 10,000 hits to our referral site at a high response advertising source. Lead Generating Tools had an LGT Traffic surf party this weekend rewarding us with extra banner and text ad impressions for surfing.

The important thing about these nuggets is you then have to use them. Showing up just to get the bonus and then doing nothing with the tool or the training is unwise at best and just plain dumb at worst, not to mention the extra work you make for the support team when you e-mail questions covered in the meetings. You may find yourself being ignored just as you ignore the efforts they make to assist and teach you.

It is your responsibility as an Internet marketer to get to know your business, educating yourself about all facets of working this business, and doing your part to make use of all the training and tools provided. Any business requires you to show up and run it. Contrary to all the hype you read on the Internet, no business runs itself. There is no free ride, but I can show you where you can learn to do it right with lots of help. At Lead Generating Tools, our policy is learn or get burned.

Until next time, remember meetings and training mean the difference between your failure and success.

Prosperous Blessings,

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