Thursday, March 24, 2011

There Is A Reason You Are Drawn To Every Situation

Hello There, VivBounty here to share with you confirmation there is a reason you are drawn to every situation.

This is a sequel of a sort to my previous post Working The Church Supper, where I found myself battling about why I had agreed to do this.

The reasons I was meant to share my time and lend a helping hand were as varied as the many people I met at the church supper. First there was the lady who had asked me to help in the first place. This lady had been on my prayer list for a life-threatening disease along with a second lady for which there had been little hope of recovery. Still, there they were both doing wonderfully as far as I could tell and certainly enjoying the fellowship and food.

The next amazing thing were the other volunteers and servers. The lady serving the table beside mine actually remembered my first visit to the church almost 4 years ago and inquired whether I had received a response to my inquiries. There were also 2 men whom I had seen around the village at various fundraisers and social events during those years clad in aprons, serving food at the buffet and washing dishes. These guys were always friendly and comical when I had seen them out and about but I never imagined them to be selfless or charitable and it warmed my heart to see them in this light. Still another 3 ladies were in their late 70's and one 80 years old serving tables with big smiles hardly sitting down for a couple of hours. They were certainly an inspiration to me and put the young one complaining about her feet hurting to shame.

I wasn't surprised to see 2 of the older ladies serving their community as they were 2 of the very first people we met when we moved here and each time we ran into them, be it in a store, at the doctor's office or at the hospital setting up all our vital services in the area, they always hugged us like they had known us all our lives. I had been praying for one of them as well and got confirmation of her clean bill of health recently. Still another fell and hurt herself shortly thereafter and having spent time with them during my shift at the church supper, I felt comfortable enough to drop in unannounced to visit and check on her. Again I was welcomed warmly with tight hugs, they never seem to forget anyone's name, and they always have a very sweet encouraging word for me no matter what circumstance we meet under.

The final lady I wish to mention is the one who I had been meaning to connect with since our first meeting at the town office. She had been welcoming then, offering her computer to print our forms out directing us to her home saying that we should just tell her husband she sent us and he'd be happy to let us use his computer and printer. Now 4 years later at the church supper, I found out she used to be a dog groomer and is now an artist. I have seen some of her work at friends' homes and businesses around the village and it is beautiful. Again, I dropped in on my dog walk to introduce her to my dog, Pedro and found we had so many other things in common that we now have a date to have tea and a visit to her studio on the top floor of her house. She has lovely bird feeders, a cat, a dog, bat houses and all sorts of things we can bond over and learn from each other. I just know I was meant to add her to my many friends in this lovely little village.

Until next time, don't think twice when you are called to do something new in a new place. You just never know what good things God and the universe might have in store for you.

Keep peace and love in your heart this season of spiritual cleansing and always,

"For it is in giving that we receive;..."
--St. Francis of Assisi

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