Saturday, March 12, 2011

Working The Church Supper

Hi There, VivBounty here to share with you how I came to work at my first church supper in the village.

While at a meeting a fellow board member who is also part of the church ladies group asked if I would help with the upcoming church supper. She quickly summed up that I'd be required to "take their plates and ask them if they want tea or coffee". I thought I could manage that so I agreed. Almost immediately, I began to regret my decision. As the church supper date approached, my misgivings grew and these thoughts plagued me:
  • The differences between religion and spirituality came into play.
  • The whole financial solvency issue of this little parish like so many others worldwide being in jeopardy of closing. The powers that be seemingly uncaring.
  • Bad behaviour and all that surrounds the abuse of power playing out in the media not just lately but for many years.
  • Those who need the support of this parish not receiving it while others who don't need it get it.
  • An understandable drop in members and new clergy.

About a week before the supper, I got a voice message to confirm me serving a table, with an added request that I make a potato scallop dish if I knew what that was. This was nothing like the image I had in my mind of the first quick request to take plates and offer tea or coffee behind a counter. So now I was very reluctant to do this. I returned the call to say I'd never waited tables before nor was I comfortable or confident enough to cook for others on that scale. I was assured there'd be others around me to help me with table service and not to worry about cooking a dish.

The day arrived and I was still not sure I wanted to go through with this. I spent the morning in meditation searching for peace and goodwill turning to my bookcase I found Gary Zukav's book Soul Stories. He talks about multisensory perception and everyone having non-physical friends; some have more than others depending on how many people and situations you will encounter. He states: Non-physical Teachers do not tell you what to do. They help you see your options. They help you think through your choices. They help you understand what you are feeling, and why. They help you become more loving. They guide you to the fullest use of your life. They are Friends who share with you. Then you decide what to do.

I decided that my gang of non-physical friends (however many there are) and I would go work this church supper. As promised I had a table of nine, it filled twice, I served tea, coffee, cake and took plates. At the end of it all, I was so pleased I went realizing I knew more people than I thought I did, it was not at all about lining the church's pockets, nor giving to an organization whose mandate I didn't wholeheartedly agree with. It was about community and I revelled in the fellowship of our little community of less than 500 people, where folks love to gather at the various charitable events; especially during winter when we are all cooped up, don't see much of anyone except the grocer and the gas station clerk.

During this reflective season of Lent, use more than your five senses and know that there is a reason you are drawn to every situation in your life.

Prosperous Blessings,

“Multisensory perception is the voice of the nonphysical world.”
—Gary Zukav

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