Friday, January 16, 2009

Where Can You Take a Course in Blogging Online?

Hello, VivBounty here reporting on the next phase of building a blog.

We in the LGT Conference room this week have had an absolute blast. I am completely astounded at what I’ve learned in the space of 4 days. I have loved this blog from its inception because it has provided me with a forum for my inspirational writing; something I believe I was born to do. As a bonus this is a marketing tool to draw traffic to my business enabling me to earn my living online working from home

In my first blogging class back at the end of October 2008 we learned to create a blog and how to choose settings within the blogger dashboard which would optimise our search engine rankings, protect our privacy, control comments, add widgets which all come together to jazz up your blog with your unique style to eventually look just the way you want it to drawing the kind of people you want to do business with.

Well if that wasn’t enough to get us bloggers all excited about the possibilities as we embark upon branding ourselves, building our presence and driving traffic to our affiliate programs, little did we know that this next course in blogging was going to knock our socks off!

For those who have joined Lead Generating Tools since the last blogging class, our wonderful instructor, a.k.a. blogging queen, TrudyVan, began with the basics again. She guided students who hadn’t already done so to build their first blog. This was a great refresher for me as it became evident that in my excitement the first time around I had missed some of the settings, like allowing comments and how to control them. After all, someone once said the average person only remembers 25% of what they hear the first time. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Now in all fairness to me, since our last course in blogging, Google has added new widgets and settings, which were not available last fall.

In this new session, we have learned to add a Digg button to our blogs. Digg is a program, which can best be described as Social Bookmarking. Digg is a place for people to discover and share content across the web, from the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog. Every article submitted to Digg has a count of how many Diggs the story has received. You need to be signed-in to Digg a story. For every registered user that clicks "Digg it" the count goes up one. If a story reaches the tipping point, then it gets promoted to the homepage.

The power of Digg is phenomenal as we experienced on just a small scale with the members in the classroom this week. After joining the Digg network and adding each other as friends, we added a Digg button to our entire blog and then we added a Digg button to a particular post within the blog. The first button raises the visibility of your blog, the second button is particularly useful when you are promoting affiliate programs, which you want to draw traffic to. As your friends and associates in your network Digg your blog and your posts, others in the Digg network see that your articles have been Dugg which hopefully makes them curious enough to read what you have to say and if they like it, they Digg it causing a viral effect of recommendation and visibility bringing you tons and tons of traffic to your product or opportunity.

I just know that you’ll be sorry if you don’t come and check out our training schedule at LGT. Be sure to tell them when you enter the room that VivBounty sent you.

Until next time, this is VivBounty inspiring you to build your own bounty your way!
Prosperous Blessings,


Anonymous said...

Hi Viv, yes the classes are great. I'm learning a lot and hope to learn even more.

askarnett said...

Thanks for the update Viv, I will keep up with it.

Andre Arnett