Sunday, January 11, 2009

How To Shine in 2009!

Hello. VivBounty here with my kick-start to the New Year.

I had so many plans over the holidays to get organized so that I would be ready to kick my advertising into overdrive. The state of the economy worldwide being what it is, this is the best time to build your online business and beat the credit crunch.

Well the Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities came and they were lovely but I didn’t get nearly as much done as I’d hoped. My to-do list was a tad over the top and after all, the holidays are for spending more time enjoying with family and friends so I did just that.

Fortunately, I have taken my tutelage well in life and over my dozen-or-so years online and after many mistakes and a process of elimination, managed to put much of it into practice. I now know that if something on my to-do list does not get accomplished, it’s not the end of the world. I’m also quite proficient at multi-tasking, although, it is said there is no such thing as multitasking; you do one thing and then you do the next thing. We could argue this point until the cows come home, but I digress, so suffice it to say that I managed to complete a good many tasks maybe not simultaneously but over a relatively short period of time by arranging them effectively. Let me clarify; while I was watching lovely holiday movies with my husband, I had my laptop putting my log-ins for my various online programs into a file to be safely stored on CD/external hard drive, etc. Gone are the 3x5 index cards! While attending meetings in our conference rooms online after the holidays (remember that unfinished to-do list), at a lull in the presentation or whilst the trainer may have been helping someone over a hurdle I have already cleared, listening all the while, I opened other windows and organized my files into more appropriately named folders for easier and quicker access.

I have learned the hard way that you have to pick a business and focus on it. If you’re a program jumper and you’re scattered, you’ll never be able to focus enough on any one of those programs to make it successful. Having scattered energy makes for a cluttered environment, which in turn makes for a cluttered mind. Now that I have all my files and log-ins where I can find them, I can concentrate on consistent, ongoing, effective advertising and list-building so that when my prospects come into my auto-responder, I can show them, just like I learned how to build their bounty from the ground up the correct way.

Lead Generating Tools is my base of operations where I can earn money while building my own business, learning to brand myself, in a company, which doesn’t believe in making you spend unnecessary money. The live trainers teach, give of themselves, train, inspire, encourage and never leave anyone behind allowing each member to learn at their own pace from “newbie” to experienced marketer. You see not only is Lead Generating Tools an very lucrative affiliate program in and of itself, but it is also a growing Network consisting of many websites across which my business is advertised to thousands of prospects daily.

The first week’s training has been on e-commerce; yes I found all the files I had downloaded which I needed for class. Now that I’m focused, it’s easier to know where to look. We learned to put a product in our shopping cart and load it up on to our web site. Next week we are going to continue our blogging class, but there’s so much more it’s just easier to show you the training schedule here so you can see how much free training we have and how much LGT consistently over-delivers.

In addition to the digital exposure, our first “Boost Your Biz” conference for members of SocialBrats and their guests to come and “show their wares” so-to-speak was a roaring success! In this live conference setting you can post a link or two in the text and take the microphone to give a short 5-10 minute talk on your opportunity in a setting where the folks who are advertising and the guests or prospects can actually meet! Who’da thunk it, eh? In this online world where you don’t know where a link is taking you or whom you’re getting into business with, how cool is that?

Finally it’s important to do your due diligence before you join a program and make sure that guru you’re following can actually put their money where their mouth is and is not just a consistent program starter, here today, grabbing your membership fee and gone tomorrow. Go to a couple of meetings and get to know the admin of the business before you join. Make sure you know the program will still be around for years to come like Fortune5Minutes so that after you get active and bring tons of people in, you will be rich, not someone else. Ask questions and find out if this is a product or program you really want to get into and can believe in. In my business, F5M Millionaires Club, meetings we are given surprise bonuses like upgrades or paid advertising on the spur of the moment or paid memberships for your guests, and the like; bonuses which have real value and could go a long way to catapulting your business, so if you miss a meeting, you could really be short-changing yourself! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment.

Until next time, this is VivBounty encouraging you to manifest your bounty your way. Like someone in the LGT training room said, "Shine in 2009"!
Prosperous Blessings,

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