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How You Can Optimize The Time You Spend on Your Home Business

Hello there. VivBounty here with some more lights of dawning bestowed upon me the past fortnight or so.

During the course of any given week in my home business, between almost daily meetings and training every day in the LGT conference room, I definitely need to manage my time better. My challenge is to move from being a training room groupie afraid to miss something to one who is confident and organized enough to take what I’ve learned and just do it! It’s all very well to grab all the wisdom and say you’ve learned but one must apply and one must do. Deepak Chopra said in his video, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success that one can spend his lifetime in a room with books studying, but if he never leaves that room to interact with another soul, he has learned nothing. I am on my way to a regular advertising campaign regimen to turbo charging my cash flow. That being said, my downlines are growing, Amen! More on this after time management training week...

The founder of my business system who has been making people wealthy for over 16 years paying daily in over 250 countries worldwide, struck a chord with me last meeting when he shared this. I won't try to quote him as I couldn't now, but what he said in essence is that he was approached, as he is regularly by Internet marketers, by one about joining the "newest program". So what he told this individual is that if he could prove to him that this program was better than the wealth system in every way, he would not only join him, but he would also give him ten thousand dollars. The man went away returning time and time again with different propositions all sounding great but no proof of income, longevity, support, etc. Well this went on for 5 or so years, and finally he asked the Internet marketer, “All the time and effort you’ve spent on trying to prove me wrong all these years, why don’t you just join me and make the ten grand?”

This brings me to the subject of program-hoppers or folks who join every new networking, or mlm, program that launches. Not only do they never have time to learn each one effectively, they spend a fortune and end up broker than if they had done nothing. As I’ve said before in previous posts, focus your efforts. Find a program you can believe in. Spend your money wisely. For example, if you’re going to pay for advertising, make sure you’ve researched the effectiveness and responsiveness of the media you plan to advertise with. If it’s not working after a decent effort, go somewhere else. Take the Advertising with Income Co op, for example. It's an option with the F5M Millionaires Club, not a monthly subscription plan, but pay as you go, earn commission on one downline level, plan. Advertising being a numbers game, one must give the ads time to saturate, so it is recommended that you remain in for at least 3 months to see some results. You get updates of real stats from Admin of how many hits your link has received that month. In my 3 months in the co-op I have received real paid signups, but I don’t rely solely on the co-op. This works in time but is not going to make you rich overnight. Diversity in advertising is key.

The traffic exchanges are also a popular and effective way of advertising for people working from home. In the case of the program hoppers, having too many URLs dilutes the effectiveness of your efforts. Credits are used up so quickly so that only the first few surfers see the ad then website is taken out of the viewing rotation and no matter how many people are surfing, the ad will not be seen again until more credits are assigned to it.

Our trainer this week on just this subject was Tom Bouchillon, who did a marvelous job of showing us how to effectively use the traffic exchanges. He took us into desktop sharing mode in the conference room and demonstrated live how to place your links in the traffic exchange, how to earn credits, then how to assign those credits so that others will see your ads while they are surfing. Credits can be earned in several ways. You earn them surfing, buy them or be rewarded for referring others in credit or cash where upgrade commission applies on downlines.

You can also gain more exposure by bidding on the Daily Sponsor site, one of the tools in Traffic Empire, for example. Once you have credits accumulated, you can use them to bid for the front-page spot for 24 hours. Some traffic exchanges have a free rotator, which means you can enter all your links into the rotator and advertise them all using just the one link in all places where rotators are allowed. This saves time when you have to remove or change the link for one of your programs. All you need to do is change it in the rotator instead of having to log in to each traffic exchange. Also worth mentioning is all the links, ads and banners advertised in LGT Fast Auto Traffic are placed all across the many LGT sites. In addition many of our members have our code on their sites so that takes ads on the LGT network further out across the whole World Wide Web.

The newbie class also feeds into the main class very well. Although it is very early, see schedule here for many in North America, TrudyVan, the trainer is based in South Africa and must feed into the other main training courses offered free at Lead Generating Tools where free tools members can now earn commission for Team LGT members they introduce. TrudyVan taught us that some traffic exchanges even allow you to personalize your splash pages. There are places where you can add a profile picture, other places let you add your business banner, and some allow you to create an entirely customized banner from scratch and use it to brand yourself while advertising their traffic generator. Each traffic exchange also has a downline builder. This is a list of optional programs you can join under your sponsor. If you already belong to any of the programs in the downline builder, you may add your username or I.D. in the field so that your referrals in that traffic exchange would be joining you instead of your sponsor. This builds your downlines in multiple programs in as many traffic exchanges as you join allowing you to create multiple income streams.

The tip which both trainers agreed upon and the one which was most eye opening to me was that it’s better to surf 20-50 pages in each exchange daily than surf 100 or more once a week. The rationale behind this is that if the 100 or more credits are used up before you surf next week, your site will not be seen again for the rest of the week whereas if you surf less sites daily, assign credits daily, your site will be seen daily. I personally like the idea of my site being seen everyday and I’m certainly wiser than I've been for twelve years marketing online never knowing this little tidbit.

Next week if all goes according to schedule, we’ll be learning time management. I’ll certainly need this lesson. It just won’t do to keep you all waiting 2 weeks for another update, eh!

Build your wildest dreams. Never Give Up. There is a Better Life Waiting For You!

Prosperous Blessings,

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Moe-Millionaire said...

Hi VivBounty !

I strongly believe in what you have written here and I know through my own experience that everything stated in your article is true and should be taken as a lesson in itself.
If anyone reading your article wants to save themselves from a lot of pain, suferring and an empty pocket book down the road, they will listen to your words closely and protect themselves in the process of doing so!

Excellent Work VivBounty. Please keep em coming !

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Moe Millionaire!