Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How Lead Generating Tools Can Help Grow Your Business

How Lead Generating Tools Can Help Grow Your Business

Hello There, VivBounty here with a way to stimulate your thoughts before writing a blog post. I was asked a question by a fellow hubber to stimulate me to create a page on the subject.

I now know that I know more than I thought I knew about how lead generating tools can help grow your business.

The amazing thing is that I have all of these tools, services, training and much, much more included in my membership and it is no wonder I choose Lead Generating Tools as my marketing dashboard and base of operations.

I'm attempting to create 30 pages similar to blog posts but much longer over the next 20 days, so wish me luck everybody and follow me on Twitter.

After you've read the HubPage I created above, you'll think I'm nuts to actually do the Hub Challenge, but as the general consensus is that I'm never short of words, I might as well put them out there! Cheer me on!!

What used to be a criticism has now turned into motivation and of all the challenges I've faced, I'm thinking this one is the most doable.

Prosperous Blessings,



TrudyVan said...

Hello there VivBounty, TrudyVan Here. I totally agree with you. Knowledge is power. It is a great pity that people do not take the time to learn before they spend so much money and not get anywhere
Kindest regards

VivBounty said...

You are right, TrudyVan. I have been burned as all of us have. I am so grateful to have found Lead Generating Tools. Thank you for your comment.
Prosperous Blessings,